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Bankchest default

Abandoned Temple Key
Atomie Shortbow
Aura of Anhur
Baatezu Plate
Bauphin's Bulwark
Bomber's Bracers
Clasps of the Forewarned x3
Cloak of Protection +7
Cloak of the Fold
Cloak of the Immortal
Demondim x2
Drow Wardstone
Eclipsing Soul
Edge of Extinction
Epic Archer Bow
Gauntlets of Gehenna
Greater Boots of Springing and Leaping
Greater Ring of Water Breathing x2
Human Corpse
Mind's Eye
Nature's Enclosure
Peasant Dynasty
Penumbrium Plate
Plate Mail of the Immortal x2
Quiver of Endless Arctic Storm Arrows
Quiver of Endless Hunter's Points
Saravin's Sickle
Seal Breaker
Sheath of Stealth
Ssithrak Robes x2
Ssithrak Skirmisher Scale
The Glasdir
The Icicle
The Skull of Iyachtu Xvim
Thinker's Thwart +10
Threads of the Harbinger x4
Trendy Treads

Bankchest pyramid

Amulet of Eruul Zaar
Amulet of Jialonna x2
Band of Bellaynish
Band of Kogolor x2
Band of Min
Blessing of Nephiris
Chain of Jaelynix x4
Circlet of Kthurbash x2
Fury of Thanos
Galantrian Gleam x2
Locket of Flosi Hammerhand x4
Mayet's Circuit
Necklace of Isiris
Neith's Guard
Rim of Ra
Ring of Ierendian
Signet of Yavi x6
The Oltec Oracle x2
The Phylactery of Aztri-Voca x3


Baneblast's Wing
Booming Pyre's Circle
Chillfang's Binder x2
Energetic Burn
Flamevolt's Friend
Howlfire's Horn
Ice Storm's Bolt
Inferno's Chill
Valiant's Honor

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